Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Sherlock Holmes The Complete Collection

 Published by Carlton 7th March 2019

901bWhen Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduced the world to Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson in 1887’s A Study in Scarlet, a true icon of literature was born. Since then, their humble address at 221B Baker Street has become almost as famous as the great detective himself, with the incredible popularity of Sherlock Holmes’s adventures never wavering over the last 130 years. Bound in a rich, collector’s cover, this deluxe and expansive edition, produced in association with The Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221B Baker Street, is the definitive collection for fans of the great detective. It contains all of Conan Doyle’s stories – four novels and a colossal 56 short stories – complete and unabridged, encompassing the entirety of the legendary author’s Sherlock Holmes work.

This is a superb book, the complete Sherlock Holmes stories in one magnificent volume, authorised by the Sherlock Holmes Museum and published with their authorisation and blessing. This is one Sherlock Holmes book you would be proud to have on your bookshelf. Well done Carlton!

James Marriott & Kim Newman: Horror Movies, the Definitive Guide

 Published by Carlton 4th October 2018

901aPacked with photographs of the most terrifying scenes in cinema history, Horror is the definitive guide tracing the story of horror, decade-by-decade. Providing a witty and informative critique of over 300 films and several TV series and the literature that accompanies them, this offers a superb introduction for beginners as well as something new for the die-hard horror fan. Horror is one of the most popular and influential genres in cinema, a perennial favourite that just won’t stay dead. Initial banned or shunned creations are now regarded as movie milestones with cult appeal. This book covers the hidden gems, big-budget duds and foreign contributions of the Horror scene. Whether you’re a seasoned, horror expert or a tentative horror explorer, this is the ultimate guide through a century of fear.

Only This book is so comprehensive it covers films from countries all over the world. For the most part, the films it covers are dreadful shockers, not what I would class as horror fils, but just nasty ones. There is good coverage of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, who made Hammer Films the finest horrorfilm company in the world during the mid-20th century, and fleeting mention of my all-time favourite horror film, Poltergeist, and the images are clear and there are plenty of them, but most of the films are of the variety that disgust rather than entertain. Sadly.

Ben Hubbard: Space race – The Story of Space Exploration

 Published by Carlton 7th March 2019

901cThe 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing is fast approaching, and this book explores and celebrates the incredible technology and trailblazing scientists that took humans to the stars. This comprehensive and richly illustrated guide tells the awe-inspiring story of space exploration, from the race for rockets and putting a man on the moon, to the International Space Station, life on Mars, finding a habitable planet, and life beyond our solar system. Download the FREE interactive app to watch NASA videos on the page and explore 360-degree models of groundbreaking spacecraft in high definition.

Beautifully illustrated book capturing the original thrills and excitement of the moon landing in July 1969. A superb, inspirational book that reminds us how fascinating space and space exploration is. A succession of US presidents since Kennedy have failed to grasp the importance of space exploration and it now looks as though private enterprise will be the domineering force over the coming years, rather than NASA. A superb book.

Pat Jacobs: Paperscapes – The Fearsome World of Dinosaurs

 Published by Carlton 7th February 2019

901dMeet the world’s most amazing dinosaurs in this strikingly illustrated book with press-out diecut pages which reveal a parade of prehistoric predators. The Fearsome World of Dinosaurs takes a look at some of these prehistoric beasts. The unique diecut format lets the dinos leap off the page, forming a parade of the biggest, boldest and most fascinating of these incredible creatures from the past. Each dinosaur is presented with information about their appearance, characteristics, key facts and the meaning behind their names. From gigantic herbivores to armour-plated tanks, there’s a new dinosaur to meet with every turn of the page.

Led Soeone has gone to extraordinary lengths to construct this amazingly complex “book”! The small illustration on the front gives you soe idea of what you’ll end up if you follow the instructions, but it’s nothing compared with the actual magnificence – what a brilliant way to teach youngsters about the amaxing world of dinosaurs!

Kevin Pettman: Paperscapes – The Spectacular Journey Into Space

 Published by Carlton 7th February 2019

901eDiscover space as you’ve never seen it before in this fascinating book with press-out diecut pages which reveal a gallery of planets, rockets and space-themed inventions. The Spectacular Journey into Space takes a look at the natural wonders found in space, and also the brilliant objects and machines that have gone – and will go – into space. The unique diecut format lets the stunning photos leap off the page, forming a gallery of stars, rovers, telescopes, probes and much more. From the Space Shuttle to the Space Launch System, there’s something new to discover with every turn of the page.

…And when you’ve tackled the dinosaurs, there’s this companion book about space exploration. Utterly amazing!